Beginner’s Guides

How To Choose Arrows For a Compound Bow

The subject of choosing arrows for a modern compound bow is vast, to the point where it will make any beginner archer’s head spin. This is why I’ve prepared the following guide for you. While it’s by no means all-inclusive, and I could probably write a short book on arrow selection, I don’t want to […]

How To Measure Your Draw Length

Before you can buy a compound bow, you need to figure out your draw length. Different compound bows come with various draw length settings, for instance: The PSE Brute X has a maximum 30″ setting. The Bear Apprentice 2 supports a maximum of 27″ The Bear Encounter goes as high as 32″ So how do you […]

Compound Bow Draw Weight Chart

I receive a lot of e-mails from beginners asking how to pick the right draw weight when they have never shot a compound bow before. While there’s no hard formula that would answer this question (as everything depends on your physical capabilities), there’s a way to give you a very close and solid estimate. That’s […]

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