Compound Bows: Best By Price Range

I realize how difficult it is to pick a new compound bow, especially if you’re new to archery. Questions like:

  • How much should I pay?
  • What features do I need?
  • Which bows to avoid?

Are bound to come up. To help you out, I’ve prepare this guide, listing the finest compound bows in three different price ranges. Simply decide what your budget is and then consult the appropriate section below for my top recommendation plus a few alternatives where applicable to give you more variety.

Compound Bows: Best By Price Range

Let’s get the ball rolling. As time goes by and as new bows are introduced to the market, I’ll be updating the list below for sure.

Best Budget Compound

This would be the Diamond Infinite Edge. An absolutely perfect beginner compound bow with a wide range of adjustable draw weight (5 to 70 lbs.) and a draw length range of 13″ to 30″. The Infinite Edge is also light-weight and has a short axle-to-axle length. Despite its very compact size, this bow is surprisingly low on vibration, hand-shock, and noise. It also comes with a wide set of accessories, including a peep sight, 3-pin Apex sight, and arrow rest / quiver. Not to mention the eccentric system is synchronized for perfect shooting accuracy. The adjustability and ease of use make the Diamond Infinite Edge the perfect compound bow for younger and older beginner archers. Read our full review of the Infinite Edge for much more from the field.

Best Mid-Priced Compound

The award goes to the PSE Brute X. The Ready-To-Shoot package comes with some fantastic accessories, including a Flexxtech stabilizer and a Gemini 3-pin sight, not to mention a limb hush kit and a whisker biscuit. Low-maintenance single cam system and very easy to adjust  (draw length 25″ to 30″).  Length and weight make it easy to maneuver in the woods, a tree stand or a hunting blind. Can deliver well over 70 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy at maximum settings, making it powerful enough to take down the largest game on the planet. Very solid wall and smooth, non-aggressive draw cycle, with a high quality string included. Plus, it comes with more vibration- and noise-dampening accessories than you could wish for. No contest in this price range. Read my full review of the Brute X for more information.

Best High-End Compound Bow

The winner here would have to be the Bear Motive 6. The best compound ever made by Bear Archery. Comes with the H13 synchronized hybrid cam system, and Bear’s Contra-Band string and cables. One of the most powerful bows in the world with an IBO speed rating of 350 FPS. At the higher settings, the Motive 6 can deliver a bone-crushing 93 ft-lbs of kinetic energy – enough to take down an African Elephant with energy to spare.

A surprisingly smooth (but aggressive) draw, no humps and a rock-solid back wall. Feels very sturdy and balanced in the hand – a real pleasure to aim.  Comes with two string suppressors as do most Bear Archery compounds, and the quality on the limbs and limb pockets leave absolutely nothing to desire. A perfect compound bow for hunting and great for target practice as well. Not recommended for rank beginners though. Read my full review of the Bear Motive 6.

Compound Bows By Price Range – Summary

I hope this guide has been useful. Please understand that compound bows are largely a matter of personal preferences and tastes, so not everyone will agree with my recommendations above. If you area complete beginner to archery, however, chances are very high the compounds mentioned here will suit you perfectly. Just make sure to read our reviews of the best compound bows in detail to know what it is you are paying for.

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