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Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow

Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow

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50, 60, 70 lbs.25" - 32"7.25"

How To Choose Arrows
310 FPS80%31" / 3.7 lbs.

- An excellent choice for hunting from a tree stand or ground blind
- Relatively lightweight
- Relatively inexpensive
- Single cam makes it easy to tune
- Not well suited for target shooting
- Too short for some archers
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The Bear Attitude at a Glance

Welcome to our Bear Attitude compound bow review. The Bear Attitude is an excellent choice for experienced archers who are looking for a shorter compound bow for use when hunting from a tree stand or ground blind. Also, its relatively light weight makes it easy to carry but, its short length is not well suited for target shooting. On the other hand, its moderate cam design gives it a smooth draw cycle and having only one cam makes it easy to tune. Plus, its long brace height (the distance from the deepest part of the grip to the string) makes it a forgiving bow to shoot. Last, it is available in a wide range of draw lengths and draw weights to suite archers of any stature.

The Bear Attitude Contents & Assembly

The package contains only the bow (limbs, riser, cams, cables, string and string suppressor), a printed manual, and Bear’s warranty card. Thus, it does not include a sight, an arrow rest, or a stabilizer and therefore, those will need to be purchased separately. However, it does come fully assembled with the limbs pre-mounted on the riser and both cables and string installed.

The Bear Attitude Eccentric System (cams)

Bear Archery AttitudeThe Bear Attitude features Bear’s EZ3 single cam system with rotating module which enables the archer to adjust the draw length in 1/2 inch increments. Also, the single cam makes it easy to tune, the moderate cam design makes it both smooth and easy to draw and, with 80 percent let-off, it’s easy to hold at full draw for extended periods. In addition, with an IBO speed of 310 FPS, it is a relatively fast bow that will provide a relatively flat arrow trajectory which helps to compensate for minor misjudgments in target distance. Also, it is available in a wide range of draw lengths ranging from 25 to 31 inches and the draw length is adjustable in 1/2 inch increments. Plus, it includes a set of Zebra String cables and a Zebra String fast flight bow string for increased accuracy and durability.

Shooting Speed

The Bear Attitude compound bow has an IBO speed rating of 310 FPS which is relatively fast and thus, it will compensate well for minor misjudgments in target distance which is imperative when hunting because a minor misjudgment of even five yards can make the difference between hitting an animal’s vitals and missing them altogether; thus wounding the animal instead of dispatching it cleanly. However, it should be noted that all IBO ratings are determined based on the following criteria:

  • 350 grain arrows
  • 70 lb. draw weight
  • Any draw length the manufacturer chooses

Therefore, the lower the draw weight, the shorter the draw length, and/or the heavier the arrow, the slower the bow will shoot. Learn more about what speeds to actually expect.

Kinetic Energy (KE) Of the Bear Attitude Compound Bow

As with any compound bow, the kinetic energy of the Bear Attitude will vary significantly with differences in arrow weight and arrow speed. However, here are some close estimates of what to expect from a few different parameters:

  • 70 lbs. / 32″ / 350 grain arrows: 74.7 ft-lbs KE
  • 70 lbs. / 32″ / 425 grain arrows: 90.7 ft-lbs KE

Note: the numbers listed above are for a point-blank range measured immediately in front of the riser. Thus, in order to determine the Attitude’s kinetic energy at longer ranges, you should subtract approximately 1.8 ft-lbs. for every 10 yards of distance from your target from the values listed above.

The Bow’s Draw Cycle

Due to the moderate double cam design, I found that the Bear Attitude has a very smooth draw cycle that makes it relatively easy to draw and, it has a solid wall with a complete lack of creep which made it easy to achieve constantly accurate shots and tight groups. Thus, I am very pleased with the way it both draws and shoots and the long brace height makes it a very forgiving for a bow with such a short axle-to-axle length.

Noise Levels and Vibration

While I can’t honestly say that the Bear Attitude is the quietest bow that I have ever shot, it is not the loudest one either. Thus, even though it does come with a string suppressor installed, I do believe that it could benefit from adding a stabilizer designed to dampen both vibration and noise. Also, because the string suppressor is installed directly behind the stabilizer hole on the back of the riser, any residual energy transferred from the string to the suppressor is immediately dampened by the stabilizer (if you choose to install one); thus preventing it from causing undue vibration riser. 

Using the Bear Attitude for Hunting

The Bear Attitude is the perfect choice for hunters who are looking for a short bow for hunting from a tree stand or ground blind due to its short axle-to-axle length and relatively light weight which makes it very easy to maneuver in tight quarters. Also, the single cam makes it both smooth and easy to draw and the 80 percent let-off makes it easy to hold at full draw for extended periods while waiting for the game to approach and then enter the correct position for a clean, accurate, shot.

Depending on the size of game animals you plan to hunt, you’re arrows will need to deliver enough kinetic energy to penetrate through the body cavity to the vitals. Therefore, the following Easton chart displays the appropriate levels of kinetic energy for different sized game species:

Kinetic Energy:You Can Hunt:
< 25 ft-lbsSmall Game (groundhog, rabbit, wild turkey)
25-41 ft-lbsMedium Game (Antelope, Whitetail deer)
42-65 ft-lbsLarge Game (black bear, wild boar, elk)
> 65 ft-lbsLargest Game (Grizzly bear, Cape buffalo, Musk Ox, African elephant)

Consult our “Kinetic Energy” section above to figure out what KE to expect depending on the settings of your Bear Attitude.

Limbs, Riser, & Grip

Like all modern compound bows, the Bear Attitude features a lightweight, machined aluminum riser and a Realtree X-TRA Green camouflage pattern for ease of concealment. Also, the riser features a slim, comfortable, target-style, grip that is designed to eliminate torque for improved accuracy and, it also features high-precision limb pockets that serve to enhance the bow’s accuracy combined with Bear’s split, flared, quad, limbs for lighter weight without sacrificing power or consistency. Plus, it also features a more traditional parallel limb design for those of you who find the new, parallel, limb designs a bit too radical.

Value for the Money

The Bear Attitude is an excellent value for the budget mined hunter and is an excellent choice for hunting purposes. Therefore, as long as the draw weight that you choose meets the minimum standard allowed for hunting and is appropriate for the species you intend to hunt, I believe that it will find that that it provides a significant value for the money.

The Bear Attitude Compound Bow Review – Summary

Thanks for reading our Bear Attitude compound bow review. In summary, I personally found this bow to be a pleasure to shoot due to its excellent riser and limb design, single cam system, lightweight, and long brace height. Consequently, I feel that it is an excellent value for hunters looking for an entry level compound bow. See Cabela's current price and customer reviews on the on the Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow  if you’re interested.

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