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Bear Authority

Bear Authority

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50, 60, 70 lbs.24-1/2" - 31.5"6.75"

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315 FPS80%31" / 4 lbs.

- Compact and Lightweight
- Powerful enough for just about any game
- Excellent customer service
- No Allen keys included
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The Bear Authority Eccentric System (cams)

The Bear Authority features a single cam eccentric system that provides an excellent, smooth draw cycle that feels great from the beginning of the draw to the release. The EZ3 cam system used on the Bear Authority is easy to tune and requires little maintenance, but such cam systems do have a tendency to allow the nock travel to wobble up and down while shooting. This does not really affect the performance of the bow, though.

You can adjust the draw length of the Bear Authority from 24.5” through to 31.5”, using the power cam on the bottom limb. No bow press is required for this adjustment, just an Allen key. You don’t get a set of Allen key wrenches with the bow, so be sure to pick up a set if you don’t already have bow tools.

Changing Draw Length and Draw Weight

The Bear Authority’s limb bolts are turnable to 4 full turns, which provides you with a 10# range of draw weight for adjusting your bow. There is no bow press required to change the draw length or weight, but you will need to invest in a set of Allen keys since none are included in the box.

Shooting Speed

Bear advertises the Authority as having an IBO speed of 315 FPS. Keep in mind, though, that IBO speed ratings are calculated based on these optimal, point-blank conditions:

  • 350 grain arrows
  • 70 lbs. draw weight
  • 30” draw length

In real life, your speed is probably going to be lower than this. For a rundown of how to calculate your real speed, check out our excellent guide on the subject.

Kinetic Energy (KE) of the Bear Authority Compound Bow

Of course, the next most important thing is the kinetic energy the bow can deliver. Calculating kinetic energy is bear authoritypretty complicated, since various factors can have an impact on the KE of any bow. For example, the arrow weight, draw weight, draw length, string accessories, and even the fletching height and length on your arrows can have an effect on the kinetic energy of the bow.

For our purposes, we used a 70# Bear Authority with the draw length set to 29”, and 425 grain bolts. This gave us an arrow speed of around 275 FPS, and approximately 71.3 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Remember, you’ll lose between 1.5 and 2 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy for every 10 yards your arrow travels, so we can expect the average 50 yard shot to hit with at least 61.3 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy.

What can you expect to take down with that much energy? Refer to Easton’s field chart below for the answer:

The Bow’s Draw Cycle

Like the Legion that the Authority was meant to replace, the Bear Authority’s draw cycle is almost perfect for beginners. The draw is smooth, the aggressiveness is really low, and the bow smoothly transitions to peak draw weight. There’s a slight “hump” just before the valley, like the Legion had, but it’s nothing to worry about. All in all, the Authority has a fantastic draw cycle that beginners will love and veterans who don’t worry about energy storage might envy.

Noise Levels and Vibration

This bow comes ready to shoot with a Trophy Ridge stabilizer, a string vibration suppressor, and Bear’s Zero Tolerance limb pockets. With all of these factors combined, you get a bow that is exceptionally quiet and has almost no hand shock or vibration when you shoot it.

Using the Bear Authority For Hunting

Bear Authority bowThis compound bow has everything a hunter could ask for. The ATA length is a mere 31”, making it small and maneuverable in the field, and it weighs a mere 4 pounds. It’s also very quiet, especially with all of the included accessories installed, and it is very well-balanced for carry, hold, and aim. What you can hunt with the Bear Authority will depend on how you set up the bow, but I’ve had great success using my Authority to hunt deer, black bear, elk, and wild boar.

Limbs, Riser & Grip

The limbs on the Bear Authority are split, parallel limbs, which provide the bow with a modern, mean look that is sure to impress the other hunters (the game don’t seem to care one way or the other). The riser is solid with excellent camouflage finish, and the grip is natural and easy to hold for small and medium-sized hands. The grip is well-balanced, and doesn’t dig into your palm, making this bow quite easy to hold at full draw for extended periods.

Value For the Money

The Bear Authority comes with everything you need, at a price that won’t bust your wallet. It might not provide as much bang for the buck as the PSE Surge, but it’s certainly a contender and a better deal than many other more expensive compound bows.

Bear Authority Compound Bow Review – Summary

Thanks for checking out our review of the Bear Authority. Bear continues its tradition of putting together excellent values in their compound bows, and the Bear Authority is definitely a great deal. It’s quiet, powerful, and easy to maintain and tune. See Cabela's current price and customer reviews on the Bear Authority if you’re interested.

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