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Diamond Carbon Cure

Diamond Carbon Cure

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50,60,70 lbs.27" - 30.5"7"

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322 FPS80 percent32" / 3.3 lbs.

- Very smooth to draw and shoot
- Carbon compound riser is ultralight for all day carry
- Single cam design eliminates timing problems
- Available with either a high quality accessory package or as a bare bow
- Some archers may not like the short axle-to-axle length
- Some archers may find the MSRP of $749.00 (with R.A.K. accessory package) prohibitively expensive
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The Diamond Carbon Cure at a Glance

diamond-archery-carbon-cure-bowWelcome to our Diamond Carbon Cure compound bow review. This bow features an ultralight, exceptionally stiff, carbon compound riser (the same riser used by Bowtech on their high end bows) which makes it exceptionally light weight and highly accurate. Also, the single cam has a very smooth draw cycle and when combined with the carbon compound riser, it generates very little recoil and almost no noise. Plus, the 32 inch axle-to-axle length makes it highly maneuverable in tight quarters and thus, it is a good choice for both tree stand and ground blind hunters as well as those who prefer to spot-and-stalk their prey. Plus, it is available as either a bare bow or with a high quality R.A.K. accessory package that includes everything you need for hunting.

Diamond Carbon Cure Package Contents & Assembly

The Diamond Carbon Cure is available with a pre-installed R.A.K. (Ready, Aim, Kill) accessory package that includes high quality hunting accessories such as, an R.A.K. custom 4-pin sight, an Octane Hostage XL arrow rest, an Octane 5 inch ultra-light stabilizer, an Octane Deadlock Lite arrow quiver, a Comfort Wrist sling, a BCY string loop, an alloy peep sight, and Dura-flex string dampeners. Consequently, if you decide to purchase this bow with the accessory package, you will have everything you need to hunt with this bow right out of the box.

The Diamond Carbon Cure Eccentric System (cams)

The Diamond Carbon Cure features a hard, single cam, design that many hunters prefer over double cam bows because the single cam design completely eliminates the timing problems often associated with double cam bows. Yet, it is exceptionally smooth to draw and shoot for a bow with a hard cam. However, it should be noted the single cam does lack the rotating module found on the Bowtech line of compound bows and thus, the draw length is only available in lengths ranging from 27.5 inches to 31 inches and cannot be adjusted without a bow press.

Shooting Speed

The Diamond Carbon Cure is a moderately fast bow by today’s standards with an IBO speed of 325 FPS which easily generates enough kinetic energy for hunting any game species you may choose to pursue. But, in my opinion, the use of IBO speeds is a deceptive practice on the part of bow manufacturers since IBO speeds are based on the 3D competition rules established by the International Bowhunting Organization which requires at least 5 grains of arrow weight per pound of draw weight but has no standard for draw length. Consequently, bow manufactures who use IBO speeds always use the lightest arrows that meet the required criteria combined with the longest draw length available on any given model to test arrow speeds. Learn more about what speeds to actually expect.

Kinetic Energy (KE) of the Diamond Carbon Cure Compound Bow

Although the Diamond Carbon Cure definitely produces enough kinetic energy to enable you to hunt any game species you choose, it should be noted that the kinetic energy of any compound bow will vary significantly with different draw lengths and draw weights. However, listed below are some close estimates of the levels of kinetic energy you can expect from the Diamond Carbon Cure:

  • 70 lbs. / 30″ draw / 350 grain arrows: 82.1 ft-lbs KE
  • 70 lbs. / 30″ draw / 425 grain arrows: 99.7 ft-lbs KE

Please note: the values listed above are based upon arrow speeds measured immediately in front of the riser. Therefore, in order to determine the Diamond Carbon Cure’s kinetic energy output at different ranges, you will need to subtract approximately 1.8 ft-lbs. from the values listed above for every 10 yards of distance from your target.

The Bow’s Draw Cycle

Amazingly, the Diamond Carbon Cure has an exceptionally smooth draw cycle for a bow with a hard cam. However, due to the hard cam design, it does have a distinct peak that must be overcome in order to fully draw the bow. But, it should also be noted that even though this bow does have a hard cam, it also exceptionally easy to draw and the release is both smooth and quite.

Noise Levels and Vibration

Due to the exceptionally stiff carbon compound riser, the Diamond Carbon Cure is an amazingly smooth bow to shoot since the carbon riser does not flex the way a machined aluminum riser does; thus significantly dampening excess vibration and noise. In addition, the stiffness of the riser is also responsible for its exceptionally smooth, quiet, quite release which is made even quieter by the included Dura-Flex sting dampeners.

Using the Diamond Carbon Cure for Hunting

Diamond Carbon Cure2Due to its extremely short axle-to-axle length, the Diamond Carbon Cure is an excellent choice for avid hunters who like to hunt from a tree stand or ground blind. Also, the extremely light carbon compound riser makes it an excellent choice for hunters who prefer to spot-and-stalk their prey rather than waiting on it to come to them. In addition, it is exceptionally quite to shoot and the almost total lack of vibration makes it very easy to hold the sight pin on the target during the release and follow through. In fact, it is amazingly easy to shoot for such a short bow and thus, it is very easy to achieve pinpoint accuracy. Plus, its light weight makes it easy carry and thus, it will not fatigue you shooting arm when carried on long hikes. Plus, with an IBO speed of 325 FPS, it easily generates enough kinetic energy to hunt any game species that you choose to pursue and the flat arrow trajectory does an excellent job of compensating for minor misjudgments in target distance which is of paramount importance in a hunting situation. However, it is important to note that depending on the size of the animal you intend to hunt, your bow will need to generate sufficient kinetic energy for the arrow to reach the vitals. Therefore, the following Easton chart will provide you with some idea of how much kinetic energy is needed for hunting different game species:

Kinetic Energy:You Can Hunt:
< 25 ft-lbsSmall Game (groundhog, rabbit, wild turkey)
25-41 ft-lbsMedium Game (Antelope, Whitetail deer)
42-65 ft-lbsLarge Game (black bear, wild boar, elk)
> 65 ft-lbsLargest Game (Grizzly bear, Cape buffalo, Musk Ox, African elephant)

Consult our “Kinetic Energy” section above to determine how much KE to expect from the Diamond Carbon Cure depending on your settings.

Limbs, Riser, & Grip

The Diamond Carbon Cure features Diamond’s reflexed Knight Riser which is the same exceptionally stiff, light weight, carbon compound riser used by Bowtech on their high end line of compound bows which means that it has almost no recoil and generates very little noise or vibration. Also, the riser positions the solid limbs in such a way that they are nearly parallel which also aids in dampening excess vibration and noise. In addition, it features a very slim grip that is molded into the riser which is specifically designed to eliminate torque for increased accuracy.

Value for the Money

Although the Diamond Carbon Cure is one of Diamond’s most expensive bows, with an MSRP of $649.00 for the bare bow and $749.00 when purchased with the R.A.K. accessory package, it is still significantly less than a comparable Bowtech model. Yet, it also includes many of the same features as those found on Bowtech bows and thus, in my opinion, it does represent a significant value for the money (especially when purchased with the R.A.K. accessory package).

Diamond Carbon Cure Compound Bow Review – Summary

Thanks for reading our Diamond Carbon Cure compound bow review. In my opinion, the Diamond Carbon Cure is an extremely well designed and well made bow that incorporates a significant level of new technology to produce an excellent bow for the avid hunter. However, unlike most compound bows on the market today, neither the draw length nor the draw weight are easily adjustable and thus, it must be purchased in both the draw length and draw weight that best suites the individual archer. On the other hand, the carbon compound riser combined with the extreme parallel limb design does make it exceptionally quiet and smooth to shoot and the single cam design completely eliminates the timing problems often encountered with double cam bows. Thus, as long as the price tag does not give you sticker shock, it would be an excellent choice for the hunter who is looking to upgrade to a more advanced compound hunting bow. See Cabela's current price and customer reviews on the Diamond Carbon Cure if you’re interested.

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